Sheltie breeders that breed dogs for good reasons, such as to improve the line of the purebred and because they generally love the animal and want them to be the best they can be, are the only shetland sheepdog breeders you should deal with.  You should never consider obtaining a sheltie puppy from any other source because there is no guarantee that these canines are physically and mentally healthy.

It is imperative that you find out if the person you are considering purchasing from is a legitimate breeder and not sheltie breeders who are simply in the business for the money, such as those who run puppy mills.  This is a mass dog-breeding operation that keeps the animals they breed in deplorable conditions (I.E. confined in small areas/cages in unregulated temperatures with no human companionship or veterinarian care).  The dogs used for breeding are often discarded or euthanized when they can no longer produce a litter.  Unfortunately, these despicable organizations and people have existed for decades. 

Puppies from these mills are typically found in pet shops, flea markets or are sold on the Internet.  No decent shetland sheepdog breeders will sell or supply these places with their pups.  In other words, you should never purchase from any of these locations, just as you should never trust anyone who sells a dog out of their car or backyard.

In addition, keep the following in mind when you are investigating sheltie breeders.   Don’t buy a sheepdog without knowing:

– Where they were born.
– What type of environment they were raised in.  It shouldn’t be a small cage.
– If they have been socialized.
– The pedigree and the health of the line/parents’.
– The breeder’s experience.
–  If there is a contract.
– What vaccinations have been given.
– How many types of dogs they breed.  Good Shetland sheepdog breeders shouldn’t be breeding more than two different kinds.
– Some references.
– Answers to any questions you may have.

Finally, sheltie breeders should be just as interested in you as you are them.  They will want to learn about you, so expect to be interviewed and explain why you want to become an owner and what your intentions are for their pup.  Thus, if you intend to care about the little canine you are intending to adopt you should care about where and who they come from.