If you are a first time owner of sheltie dogs you may be wondering – how often should I take my pooch for vet visits?  To be perfectly honest, there really isn’t a specific answer that can be given for this question.  The reason being is that the number of times you visit a veterinarian really depends on your pet and his health.

Nevertheless, to give you a better idea as to when you should take your pooch to his health care provider, the following is a typical example of the frequency average sheltie dogs visit their animal doctor:

•    When you first bring your pup or adopted adult doggie home.  Take him within the first 48 hours or the earliest available appointment.  This is vital because he needs to be physically checked for disease, parasites or any other possible problems.    At this time he will receive any vaccinations he may require.  You should also consult your vet about the dietary, exercise and grooming needs your pal will need if you haven’t already received this info from the breeder, rescue worker, etc. from whom you obtained the poochie.  Note: you may also be required to schedule other appointments if you have a puppy, as he will need to be administered the remaining vaccines he requires for his first year.

•    Annual wellness examination.  The yearly physical exam is when your sheltie dogs body is thoroughly checked to ensure he is completely healthy.   Thus, this check-up is necessary regardless if he is well or not.  At this appointment he will likely be given vaccines he requires, and is weighed.   Note:  Senior sheepdog’s will need to have two wellness examinations per year.

•    Heartworm test.  This may be a separate visit if your sheltie’s physical checkup doesn’t line up with the month that preventative medication needs to start.

•    Your shetland becomes sick or is injured.  Any time your pet becomes physically hurt, you notice that they are not quite themselves or they seem to be suffering what appear to be side effects, have them examined by the veterinarian.

One final thought you should bear in mind is that you need to know where the nearest 24-hour emergency animal clinic is located in the event that your vet’s office doesn’t offer this service.  After all, you never know when sheltie dogs need medical care, so if it ever occurs on a holiday or after hours, you will know where you can go to get help.