Not everyone can adopt from a sheltie rescue and give a dog a second chance.  Sometimes, as much as someone may want a canine, there are certain circumstances that prevent them from making their shetland sheepdog rescue dream a reality.  For instance, allergies, asthma, work schedules, residences, children, etc. could all be reasons why a person may be unable to become a pet owner.

However, just because sheltie rescue adoption may not be a possibility for you, this doesn’t mean that you can’t offer your support and help these volunteer organizations.   There are many different ways you can provide much needed assistance to the people who work to help shetland’s and to the rescued dogs themselves.  The following are some examples of how you can make a difference:

Volunteer your time – Depending on how new a shetland sheepdog rescue is, the amount of animals they have, etc. they may be in need of someone who is willing to lend some of their time to walk, groom, play with the pooches or even take them to the vet.  They might also require a person to create and manage a website, etc.

Make a monetary donation – There may be more than one way to make this type of contribution.  You can give a general gift to the entire operation or you may be provided with the opportunity to sponsor an individual shelti. 

Donate stuff – You would be surprised at how many things the sheltie rescue may require.  From dog supplies and food to printer ink and paper you can make a serious difference by covering some very minor essentials of which they are in need of constant supply. 

Help out with fundraisers –Your local shetland sheepdog rescue may host certain events to help raise money for their animals and get people interested in adoption.  You can get involved by creating flyers, creating posters or doing anything else that may be beneficial for the cause.

Purchase items from their store – Some rescues, particularly those that have a website, feature their own online stores where they sell items to raise funds, such as calendars, mugs and so on.  You can buy some sheltie rescue merchandise to offer your support while also giving someone a great gift