Shetland sheepdog training can be a lot of fun because these pooches love to learn and are very energetic.   Therefore, once you are done teaching basic obedience commands, you might want to consider other fun activities you can teach your sheltie, such as herding.

Why make herding part of shetland sheepdog training?  This is a great sport for your canine to learn because they were bred to be a herder and naturally have this instinct.  In fact, it is an important part of their personality and this is likely something you learned about when you chose to make this four-legged wonder your pet.   You might have even glimpsed their instinctual nature on occasion if they have tried to group children or other animals together. 

If you decide that you would like to improve upon your sheltie’s natural instincts you can achieve this with herd competitions and classes.   A class can educate you and your pooch about the fundamentals of controlling a flock and a competition can enable you to compete for awards.  It also provides both you and your buddy with a rewarding challenge and increases your bond. 

When dogs compete what is involved?  Once your pal has finished the necessary shetland sheepdog training he can then enter herding events.  An event usually takes place on a field that is designed in such a way that the animal and their handler are required to engage in diverse maneuvers.  These exercises will vary depending on the rules that are being followed, but usual maneuvers may include the sheepdog:

– Fetching sheep from far away.
– Herding the flock away from the handler.
– Moving the animals into a small confined space (I.E. penned area or vehicle).
– Separating one (singling) or more sheep (shedding) into two groups.
– Moving the flock in a single straight line from one end of the field to the other (cross drive).

Note:  Each maneuver that is to be performed should be done with control and most of the drills require the combined effort of both the owner and the shelti.

Thus, if you are interested in shetland sheepdog training that involves herding, you should find out if classes or a trainer are local to you.  If you don’t know where to look consult your breeder, other owners, breeding clubs, etc.